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30 Healthy Balanced Snacks to Keep You Full

6 Signs You Have an Unhealthy Relationship With Food

My Story: WW, Intuitive Eating and Real Balance

So you want to lose weight but you don’t want to count calories or points or measure everything you eat by the gram.

In this blog post, I’ll walk you through how weight loss works and 17 ways to lose weight without counting calories. Working toward weight loss goals should never feel restrictive or obsessive–so let’s talk about how to make sure of that!

How to Lose Weight Without Counting Calories (17 Tips)

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If you’re looking for a solution on how to stop snacking at night, you’re in the right place. (Don’t forget to download this FREE checklist and journal too).

In this blog, I’ll share whether snacking is healthy and 10 dietitian tips to help you stop overeating at night. You’ll learn why it’s happening so you can finally overcome late night snacking for good!

How to Stop Snacking at Night (10 Tips + FREE Download)

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As a dietitian, I can show you how to eat healthy without cooking. With my healthy meal formula and some tips about what foods to keep on hand, you’ll be able to whip up a tasty dinner that nourishes your body and have more time for your life. FREE download inside!

How to Eat Healthy Without Cooking: The Ultimate Guide

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In this article, we’ll talk about the key differences between smoothies and juice. What they are, how they’re made, and how they can support your health and habits. You might be surprised to learn which one I recommend!

The Difference Between Smoothies and Juice: An RD Explains

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In this article, we’re talking all about healthy non-perishable foods. What they are, how to shop for them, AND a list of 60+ options that will keep you fuelled and satisfied.

60 Healthy Non-Perishable Foods: The Dietitian’s Guide

Close up photo of non-perishable foods on a light colored counter, including jarred beans, oil and canned food.

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In this article, we’re diving deep on this life-changing little nutrient: FIBRE! You’ll learn what fiber is, where you can find it, what happens if you eat too much (uh oh!), and evidence-based tips to eat more fiber without overhauling your diet. And you can download a FREE printable list of 90+ high fiber foods.

Printable List of 90+ High Fiber Foods (FREE Download)

Fruits and vegetables displayed on a counter in grocery bags - including lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and red onions.

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In this article, we’re talking all about food guilt. Why you feel guilty after eating, why it’s standing in the way of your health goals, and 5 clear steps to stop.

Why Do I Feel Guilty After Eating? 5 Steps to Stop

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Some days it’s hard to stop daydreaming about a bowl of ice cream or that delicious pan of brownies sitting in the kitchen. We all crave sweet, sugary food from time to time and that’s perfectly normal! But when you feel like food is taking complete control, what can you do about it? Let’s talk […]

How to Stop Thinking About Food (All. The. Time.)

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Alright, so what is the mysterious green powder advertised all over social media?  TikTok influencers are claiming that Athletic Greens® stops bloating, boosts energy, and makes you healthier than ever.  Even the ads from the Athletic Greens (AG) company itself claim that their product is a “superfood” with the power to improve gut health, support […]

Fact Finder: Is Athletic Greens Worth it? A Dietitian’s Perspective

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You’re out to eat with your friends and can’t help but notice the salads they ordered are much lighter than the dense, creamy pasta dish you selected.  You start mentally tallying the calorie difference and your heart sinks a little. Guilt washes over you, and you think, “I’ll just eat less.”  When the food arrives […]

6 Signs You Have an Unhealthy Relationship With Food (And How to Change it)

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