Feel Good
Nutrition Method

A step-by-step course to find your healthy balance without dieting.

Stop overeating and find peace with food forever.


You probably feel like you have no willpower and you’re destined to feel out of control with food for life.

Does this sound like you?

You finish meals overly full and you don’t know why or how to stop.

Overeating constantly

Stopping at one cookie or one bowl of chips feels impossible.

Addicted to snacks
and sweets

And wondering how some people can eat what they want without stress

Wishing you could feel normal around food

You can only be 'good' with food for a few days until your cravings take over.

Wondering what happened to your willpower

You don’t really want chips and pizza but you feel drawn to them.

Struggling with

You want to find your happy weight without fad diets or extremes.

Ready to feel good

The good news is, your problem isn’t willpower and it’s not a personality flaw.

You’re ready for your battle with food to come to an end. It feels like your struggles with food will last you a lifetime—because so far, they have.

Food doesn’t have to feel so hard and it is 100% possible to honour your health and your cravings without losing control. 


Discover a healthy, balanced and peaceful relationship with food

Hit play to learn about this life-changing course!

Imagine if you could:

Feel confident knowing what and how much to eat without tracking anything.

Enjoy date nights and girls’ trips without overeating and feeling guilty.

Keep your favourite treats in the house without losing control.

Find a weight you feel best at and maintain it with ease.

Stress and obsess less over food so you can live your best life.

Discover a balance you can stick to forever and finally stop starting over.

Feel Good Nutrition Method gives you the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to stop overeating and finally feel at peace with food. And now is your time to join!

Okay, I'm In!

You’ll learn everything you need to find peace with food, just like they have.

This comprehensive COURSE includes all the lessons and resources I teach private clients. 

Miranda is literally the best cheerleader out there! Anyone would be lucky to work with her. My life is changed for the better!

My life is changed for the better!

- Emily

I did this program to eventually get out of the habit of tracking my calories, and I've done that! It's so refreshing to have that brain space freed up now… It's so important to have a great leader with the facts that are needed to help you change your mindset. I love working with Miranda because she went to school to be a nutritionist and she understands it so well.

It's so refreshing to have that brain space freed up now

- Leslie

I always struggled with dieting and my weight. With Miranda's help and the group I was able to find peace with food. I realized I wasn't eating enough and I didn't know how to balance my meals/snacks. Since starting the program, I have seen and felt so many positive changes.

I was able to find peace with food

- Veronica B

Miranda's approach to balanced eating and nutrition is wonderful! If you're looking for help with creating a better relationship with food then this is the place for you! I love that she shows how to eat balanced healthy meals, but also include all of your favorite fun foods. Her framework has helped me finally feel satisfied and in control around food.

Her framework has helped me finally feel satisfied and in control around food.

- Courtney

I know what you're thinking, love.

"That all sounds great for your clients... but I don’t think it’s in the cards for me."

I can’t imagine being able to trust my body to know when enough is enough.

I feel like my hunger and fullness cues are broken.

I don’t want to fail at yet another program.

I’ve had success with other diets in the past but the weight always comes back.

I’m already insecure in my body and I don’t want to feel worse.

I’m afraid of gaining weight if I don’t count calories or points.

Is this really the one to help me stop overeating and finally feel in control?

I’ve already tried other programs and none of them have stuck. 

Feel Good Nutrition Method

Introducing Feel Good Nutrition Method – a dietitian-designed course for women who are ready to leave the diet cycle behind and finally find balance with food.

You will learn exactly what you need to stop overeating and find peace with food forever. 

This course will show you how to balance nutrition with real life so you can discover that healthy relationship with food you’ve been looking for… the one where you think about food less and leave food guilt behind for good.

Get instant access to the course modules at home

Join from anywhere


Here's how it works:

Watch and re-watch 30 video lessons when it works for you

Learn at your own pace



Work on yourself in a dietitian-designed program to help you feel in control

Discover food peace

Join Now

My proven method to achieve a healthy body and mindset

The food peace pillars


Understand the science of nutrition and metabolism so you can minimize cravings, regain control, and maintain your best weight without willpower. 



Learn to notice and respond to your body’s cues so you can feel confident knowing what and how much to eat without an ounce of guilt.



Recognize and overcome diet mindset traps so you can stop starting over and learn to conquer ‘slip-ups’ without blaming yourself.


You deserve to feel your best without obsessing over numbers⁠—learn exactly how alongside other women who share your struggles.

Gain all the knowledge and skills to stop overeating and finally feel at peace with food

30 video lessons

Here’s what you get when you join the Feel Good Nutrition Method:

Use worksheets, handouts and journal prompts to apply what you’re learning

Downloadable resources

Watch and re-watch lessons for the lifetime of the course and never feel lost with food again

Life-time access

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plus any applicable taxes

Module 1: Mindset

  • Your why 
  • Mindset mistakes
  • Mindsets for success
  • Re-thinking the scale

Module 2: Nutrition

  • How to nourish 
  • Introduction to macronutrients
  • How to build balanced meals
  • Mastering the balanced plate
  • How to build balanced snacks
  • Fullness and satisfaction
  • Nutrition by addition
  • Hydration

Module 3: Meal planning

  • Why meal planning matters
  • How to meal plan
  • Finding balance with planning

Module 4: Mindfulness

  • Hunger and fullness
  • Mindful eating
  • Emotional eating
  • Cravings

Module 5: Real Life

  • Calorie and nutrient awareness
  • Movement
  • Restaurants and social events
  • Alcohol and other drinks
  • Customising your balanced plate
  • How to troubleshoot

And of course… ALL the extras

  • BONUS Mindful eating meditation
  • Mindset worksheet
  • Balanced plate guide
  • Balanced snack guide
  • Meal planning guide
  • Easy meal and snack ideas
  • … and more!

All the Extras!

Module 5

Module 4

Module 3

Module 2

Module 1

Learn everything I teach private clients to stop overeating and finally feel in control

Program Modules

Kind words from past clients

- Tricia W.

As someone who has beaten herself up over food for her entire life (overeating, dieting, thinking certain foods were good or bad, you name it), I wanted to finally make a change to my relationship with food, and joining Miranda’s course has helped me greatly with that. I’m so grateful to have come across Miranda and this course! Now, I have a more positive mindset when it comes to food, I feel much more comfortable after my meals, and I finally have the freedom to feed my body AND soul without all the guilt and shame. 

I finally have the freedom to feed my body AND soul without all the guilt 

- Sarah

I am most proud of the improved relationship with food. I have more balanced, satisfying meals that have led to food freedom. I don't see any food as off limits and food is fuel for my body to feel good and will help me with my everyday life and exercise… I know that what Miranda teaches and the way she teaches it will show improvements in your life.

I have more balanced, satisfying meals that have led to food freedom.

- Amy 

I shifted from food obsession to thoughtful planning. I feel calmer now. I feel like I am in better control. My world is better now because of my work with you.

I feel like I am in better control.

Hey love, I’m Miranda!

Miranda Galati, MHSc, RD

My journey with food started as anything but peaceful. After losing weight the wrong way, I felt out of control, overwhelmed with guilt, and confused about why intuitive eating didn’t feel so intuitive to me. 

So I went back to school to learn the science of nutrition and figure out how to overcome this battle with food. And I learned the truth–a peaceful, effortless and BALANCED relationship with food was possible… but it had nothing to do with willpower and didn’t require a personality transplant as I’d once thought. 

I’ve transformed my health and mindset with food and finally feel balanced and free. And I’m here to show you how to do the same. If you want to feel confident with your food choices, at peace in your body, and never diet again, you're in the right place.

And pssst. I’m a Registered Dietitian–so everything you learn is 100% evidence-based!

Got questions? Here are your answers!

This self-paced course teaches you the skills and knowledge you need to stop overeating and find peace with food. After purchasing the course, you will immediately receive an email with log-in credentials to access the course platform. Inside the course platform, you'll find 30 videos focused on nutrition, mindset and mindfulness and optional downloadable resources. You can work through the course as quickly or slowly as you wish.

Absolutely! The program is open globally and is 100% virtual. You can access the modules, materials and community any time, from anywhere in the world.

You will have access to program videos and downloadable materials for as long as it remains available. If I ever decide to close the program, I will let you know in advance via email. 

This course is currently being offered as a stand alone, self-paced course without community support. I made this decision because I truly believe the course modules are powerful; and it allows me to offer the course at a lower price point to help more of you stop overeating and find peace with food. At this time, I do not offer group or 1-1 nutrition counselling.
If something in the course platform or modules is confusing not working as it should, please email me at hello@reallifenutritionist.com. Unfortunately I am not able to provide nutrition support over email at this time.
The course contains 6 modules and 30 video lessons and is designed to be consumed within 6 weeks. However, it is completely self-paced. It is possible to complete the course in less time or take a bit longer–you get to decide what works best for you!

Facebook is not required for this program. All videos and resources are housed within a separate course platform, which you can access immediately after purchasing.
Real Nourished Academy is a 12-week small group coaching program designed for people who want more personalized guidance and hands-on support and comes at a significantly higher investment. Feel Good Nutrition Method includes all the same teachings and materials I provide private clients but in a self-paced course format. If you are interested in joining Real Nourished Academy instead, please email info@reallifenutritionist.com.

Yes! You can choose to pay in full or spread out your payments in a two-month payment plan.

The beauty of Feel Good Nutrition Method is that it’s not a diet and there is no failing. I will equip you with the skills, knowledge and confidence you need to stop overeating and finally feel at peace with food. And because you have lifetime access to program materials, you can re-watch videos as challenges arise!

Unfortunately this program is not appropriate for anyone struggling with an eating disorder. Please seek support from a Registered Dietitian or mental health professional in your area if this is something you're struggling with.
Absolutely! Many of the women in Feel Good Nutrition Method have weight loss and other health goals. Although we don’t focus on weight loss explicitly, the program will give you the skills you need to develop healthy habits that last and reach a weight you feel best at.
That’s cool! Feel Good Nutrition Method can help you stop overeating and feel at peace with food whether or not you choose to track your food. And if your end goal is to learn to eat without having to track, the course can help you feel more confident doing so!
Due to the instant and downloadable nature of the program materials, no refunds will be granted. All course purchases are final sale.

Absolutely! Please email hello@reallifenutritionist.com if you need help doing so.

- Deanna

I’ve been following Miranda for a long time and her content really resonated with me. This course did that tenfold. Her nutrition by addition approach seems so simple but makes so much sense and has truly changed the way I eat and think about food. I found that I actually prefer to eat this way and love that I can eat balanced/healthfully without tracking calories. The fact that I haven’t binged at all since the first week of this course is a huge deal for me and the course was structured so well. 

I haven’t binged at all since the first week of this course

Join the COURSE now

Stop overeating and find peace with food forever.

You are capable of finding lifelong balance with food.

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