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Thank you so much for your interest! The waitlist is currently closed due to overwhelming demand. I would be so honoured to support your journey to better health. Please check back later to apply to work with me.

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Imagine what it will be like to...

Discover a healthy weight you can maintain with ease

Enjoy your favourite treats without guilt

Understand your metabolism and how to fuel

Know when to eat and how much for your body

Learn how to honour your body's unique hunger and fullness signals

Finally feel confident in your body and free with food

my proven method will help you find balance with food for life.

(and you won't have to give up your fav foods)

I've been in your shoes and I can show you a better way. Weight Watchers fanatic? Yep. Slave to MyFitnessPal? Been there! Paleo? You know I've tried that too. It wasn't until I studied nutrition and started learning about the complexity of the human body that I realized these fad diets were not the answer.  If you're sick of dieting, I can help. Work with me and discover a way of eating that fosters real health—mentally and physically.

Meet Miranda!

i'm here to help you understand your body & nourish yourself.


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