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I'm Miranda

i'm here to help you build a healthy & happy life

My journey started as a Weight Watchers 'success' story that led to rapid weight loss, horrible digestion, and a bad relationship with food. Now, I've found balance and I'm determined to help women avoid my mistakes. Let me show you how to build the body and life of your dreams. I promise, you don't need an app to find lasting health and happiness. 

I struggled with food for most of my life.

studying nutrition taught me how to feel confident in my body without the bs

I started my career in corporate marketing back in 2014. On the outside, I was climbing the corporate ladder and doing all the right things, but on the inside, it was a completely different story. I was struggling with my digestion, my body image was at an all-time low, and my list of off-limits foods was longer than ever. Let’s just say I was burning out – quick. 

My struggles brought me to see a Registered Dietitian and she completely changed my life. Not only did she help heal my digestion (a serious miracle, as I’d been suffering for years), but she pushed me to see food in a different light. 

This experience inspired me to return to school to study nutrition myself! But of course, I wasn’t ready to let go of my second love, marketing! When I started to explore options, I realized I could bridge my two passions... and Real Life Nutritionist was born! I am so excited to share my nutrition knowledge and personal journey through my blog, so that other women can feel confident and energized through the power of nutrition. I am committed to sharing evidence-based, realistic information so that women can build healthy habits that actually stick. 

my qualifications

Registered Dietitian (RD) licensed in the province of Ontario
Master of Health Science (MHSc) from Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University)
Honours Bachelor of Science (BSc), Nutrition and Dietetics, Western University
Online FODMAP and IBS training for Dietitians, Monash University
Ontario Graduate Certificate, Corporate Communications
Bachelor of Arts, University of Guelph


Graduated high school confused AF


Graduated with a general Bachelor of Arts with little direction


Started my career in marketing and digestive troubles began


My IBS was worse than ever and I didn't know where to turn


Saw an RD who transformed my health and changed my life


Started the journey to return to school to study nutrition


Graduated from a BSc in Nutrition  & got accepted to a dietetic internship


Completed my Masters in Health Communication and became an Registered Dietitian!

Think we're a match? I'm ready when you are!

You don't have to suffer alone! Work with me to transform your relationship with food and learn how to nourish yourself forever. 

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