Today I’m sharing all my favorite products for my everyday makeup routine.

I wish I could attribute my skin’s ‘glow’ to my skincare routine, but the truth is that it’s all done with makeup! These products are how I achieve a natural(ish) makeup look, with lots of glow, and some subtle definition. I definitely prefer a more sheer and blended makeup look, so these products reflect that!

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Real Life Nutritionist Makeup Favorites


I tend to skip fancy primers and go right in with foundation, concealer, and powder. If I’m not filming, I will skip foundation and just use concealer and powder.


My brows are very sparse and light (thanks to some regrettable over-plucking in high school!), so filling them in is essential. I’ve tried lots of expensive brow products, but this combo is my favorite.


I like to keep my eye looks simple, with some brown eyeshadow, a smudged brown eyeliner, and some mascara on the top lashes.

For mascara, I’m really picky because my lashes are stick straight and struggle to hold a curl! It’s also essential my mascara is easy to remove and won’t damage my lashes, which is why you won’t see any waterproof formulas on my list.


For cheeks, I like a matte bronzer, a glowy blush, and sometimes some highlighter. I’ve listed some of my favorite powder and liquid blushes, but I only use one at a time.


I’m almost always wearing lip liner with a gloss or lip balm! For some reason, I just don’t love the look and feel of a full lipstick.

Are there any products I missed? Any favorites we have in common? I’d love to hear more about your makeup routine in the comments!

Also, let me know if you want more favorites lists (and in what categories). Happy to make more for you!