Greek yogurt is a dietitian-favorite for a reason.

This healthy food staple is loaded with protein, rich in calcium, and totally free of added sugars (if you’re using unsweetened). And the best part is, it’s genuinely delicious if you know how to use it.

In this article, I’m sharing 20 amazing recipes containing greek yogurt. They are all nutritious, easy, and actually taste good. If you’re looking for ways to incorporate this nutrient-dense food into your life, you’re in the right place.

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Greek yogurt nutrition

Greek yogurt is best known for its protein content, but that’s not all it offers nutritionally.

Here’s the basic breakdown for a typical container (200 grams) of plain and unsweetened low-fat greek yogurt:

  • 167 calories
  • 20 g protein
  • 4 g fat
  • 8 g carbohydrate
  • 7 g sugar (all naturally-occurring)

Greek yogurt also contains many important micronutrients like calcium, potassium, vitamin B12, phosphorous, vitamin A, and selenium.

It’s a high-protein, calorie-conscious, and extremely nutrient-dense food.

If you can’t tolerate lactose, buy lactose-free greek yogurt with all the same nutritional benefits!

Ways to use Greek yogurt

Baked goods: I love to bake greek yogurt into muffins, baked oats, and other delicious baked goods. It adds protein and moisture, and it always tastes great.

Dips, dressings, and sauces: Greek yogurt makes a delicious base for sweet and savory dips or sauces. Use it as the base in salad dressings, or mix it with seasoning blends as a veggie or chip dip.

Sweet yogurt bowls: Greek yogurt makes a tasty high protein base for yogurt bowls. Top with fruit, granola, and honey for a satisfying breakfast or snack.

Mayonnaise replacement: I love using greek yogurt in mayo-heavy recipes like chicken or tuna salad. If you want the best balance of taste and nutrition, you can use a mix of yogurt and mayonnaise.

Sour cream replacement: I will always prefer a giant dollop of filling greek yogurt with my tacos, burritos, and quesadillas. It’s got way more protein and to me, it tastes identical.

In smoothies: I almost always add a big scoop of greek yogurt to smoothies for a thick, creamy texture, and a boost of nutrition.

20 Recipes containing Greek yogurt

Need more inspiration on how to use greek yogurt in your cooking? Try these 20 healthy and delicious recipes with greek yogurt!

Carrot cake baked oatmeal

Is there anything better than cake for breakfast? These moist and healthy carrot cake baked oats are satisfying and super nutritious. They contain fiber from whole grains, and plenty of additional micronutrients from eggs, carrots, and greek yogurt.

Photo of carrot cake baked oatmeal drizzled with yogurt on a white plate

Chocolate Greek yogurt

A healthy snack to satisfy your sweet tooth. This creamy and decadent chocolate greek yogurt is the perfect balanced dessert. Bonus: it has almost 20 grams of protein per serving!

Small glass jar with chocolate greek yogurt and a small gold spoon

Chicken sausage sheet pan dinner

Greek yogurt isn’t only used in sweet recipes. In fact, it’s a staple ingredient in this easy and healthy weeknight meal! Try this chicken sausage sheet pan dinner with veggies, sweet potato, and a delicious yogurt honey mustard drizzle.

Sheet pan with chicken sausage, brussels sprouts, and sweet potato drizzles with yogurt honey mustard

Salsa ranch dip

A high protein dip with only 3-ingredients. Salsa ranch dressing is the perfect healthy pairing for vegetables or chips. And because it’s made with greek yogurt as the base, it’s super high in protein, too.

Woman's hand dipping a cucumber in a small bowl of salsa ranch dressing, surrounded by veggies and chips

Warm Greek yogurt oatmeal

A protein-rich and filling oatmeal. Make this warm greek yogurt oatmeal for a creamy, nutritious, and super satisfying breakfast. Top with fresh or frozen berries and a generous drizzle of peanut butter to make it even more filling.

Small white bowl containing greek yogurt oatmeal topped with raspberries, nut butter, and chia seeds

Greek yogurt chia pudding

Chia pudding, but make it high protein. This 4-ingredient greek yogurt chia pudding is tasty, filling, and the best healthy breakfast. It’s got triple protein from greek yogurt, protein powder, and milk.

Blender banana muffins

A healthy treat made in your blender! Try these easy blender banana muffins with oats and greek yogurt for a tasty afternoon snack. Tip: smother them in peanut butter for an extra delicious experience.

blender banana oatmeal muffins on a wire rack

Blueberry muffin smoothie

A healthy smoothie that tastes like a muffin! You’ll love this tasty blueberry muffin smoothie that’s packed with protein from Greek yogurt, milk, and protein powder. In fact, it’s got 35 grams of protein per glass and makes a very filling breakfast.

Blueberry muffin smoothie in a glass with a purple striped straw

Chocolate peanut butter protein smoothie

A drinkable peanut butter cup with 43 grams of protein. It’s one of the best recipes I’ve ever made, and just so happens to be made with greek yogurt. This nourishing smoothie is the perfect breakfast to keep you full.

Glass with chocolate peanut butter protein smoothie in it displayed on a white marble counter

3-Ingredient peanut butter yogurt dip

“I am completely fixated on this and have made it every day for 2 weeks now.”

That’s what one reader had to say about this crave-worthy dip made with greek yogurt. Pair this 2-minute, tasty protein dip with apple slices, pineapple chunks, or pretzels for a filling snack.

Peanut butter yogurt dip with apple slices on a plate

Greek yogurt caesar dressing

Try this lightened-up greek yogurt caesar dressing with a little less fat and all the same delicious flavor. It’s perfect for salads and dipping! I particularly love it in healthy chicken caesar wraps or with my caesar pasta salad.

Greek yogurt caesar dressing in a glass jar.

Turkey bacon ranch chicken salad

She’s not the prettiest, but she is probably the tastiest high protein lunch of all time. This lightened up turkey bacon ranch chicken salad is high protein, super easy, and extra delicious. Try it in a sandwich or wrap, or over greens.

Slice of bread topped with turkey bacon ranch chicken salad, displayed on a wood board with other ingredients

Pesto chicken quesadillas

Try these pesto chicken quesadillas for a healthy, high-protein lunch you’ll actually love to eat. Made with greek yogurt, rotisserie chicken, and pesto, this easy recipe contains 41 grams of protein to keep you full.

Close-up shot of pesto chicken quesadillas on a plate next to a green kitchen towel

Almond butter overnight oats

This nutrition-packed almond butter overnight oats recipe is an easy make-ahead breakfast that will keep you feeling satisfied! They contain nourishing ingredients like oats, greek yogurt, almond butter, and chia seeds to support your health.

jar of almond butter overnight oats on a kitchen counter

Ranch dip with greek yogurt

Love ranch but don’t love how it leaves you feeling? Try this high protein ranch dip with greek yogurt. It’s a healthy version with a boost of protein you can feel confident smothering on everything.

Bowl of healthy ranch dip with greek yogurt displayed in a small white bowl, served with assorted raw vegetables, crackers, and chips.

No-bake cheesecake bowls

These healthy cheesecake bowls make the perfect high protein dessert or snack. This no-bake recipe uses smooth cottage cheese, greek yogurt, honey and vanilla extract for a lightly sweet option that will actually leave you full.

Smooth cottage cheese in a white bowl topped with strawberries and graham cracker crumbs, placed on a white marble counter.

Blueberry pineapple smoothie

Looking for a healthy smoothie that tastes delicious? This blueberry pineapple smoothie won’t disappoint! With 33 grams of protein and no added sugars, this easy smoothie will nourish your body and satisfy your soul.

Birdseye photo of two blueberry smoothies in glasses with a striped purple straw. Smoothies displayed on white marble counter with a few fresh blueberries sprinkled around.

Chicken salad with apple and almonds

This delicious chicken salad is a perfect high protein lunch. Made with a blend of greek yogurt for protein and mayonnaise for satisfaction, this version is light without sacrificing flavor. Try it in sandwiches or wraps for make-ahead lunches.

Chicken salad mixture in a white bowl with seed crackers, garnished with lemon, green onion and parsley.

Greek yogurt dill pickle dip

Pickle lovers: this one’s for you! This greek yogurt dill dip will be your new favorite pairing with veggies or chips. Even better? It’s all the fresh and zesty flavor of the usual dill pickle chip dip with a less fat and more protein.

Greek yogurt dill dip displayed in white bowl on a plate, surrounded by chopped vegetables and potato chips.

Nutella overnight oats

A sweet and decadent meal prep breakfast that’s good for you, too. These overnight oats contain over 27 grams of protein without protein powder! They’re made with milk, greek yogurt, hemp hearts, and more nutritious ingredients.

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